I was raised in Northern Virginia until the summer of my second year in College when I came to California to visit. That was it.  I found my sunshine, IMG_2274 (2)1
and fell in love with southern California. I moved here soon after, I worked in real estate, which lead to property management. While working at Willmark Communities, the owner recognized something in me and had me assist with the design build on our new apartment communities. …….I had found my element!

My husband Don and I were enjoying our double income no kids lifestyle and then we had our first son. Needless to say it is a life changer and I  needed to be working from home. So, I free-lanced my commercial design work and my residential career was born after my neighbor asked me to work on the design renovation for her house.  And I have been interior designing ever since.

IMG_2276 (2)1Living in Southern California with it’s active indoor/outdoor lifestyle and casual vibe, definitely affects the way I design, and my town; Vista, has the perfect climate for this. It’s seven miles from the ocean and the fog line is the next exit on the freeway — sorry Oceanside and Carlsbad. Vista has a lovely topography of rolling hills, trees, eclectic mix of home styles, great parks and verdant strawberry and avocado growing soil. So here I am a Vistonian designer for the last 20 years.

I design warm contemporary spaces with your personality and a dash of fun. My goal is always capturing my clients unique voice and creating an environment thatIMG_2280 (2)1 has positive energy. The components will always be lovely, balanced and harmonious, and you will likely encounter an object that’s random and unexpected, that will make you laugh. Life should be fun when it can,  we can’t  take ourselves too seriously all the time.

IMG_2273 (2)1My sons are grown men now and I can solely focus on designing for my clients. For me it’s about serving others and bringing joy through the interior designs that we create together.

1 thought on “Bio

  1. I truly enjoyed getting to meet you through your story…sound very credible and an artist in your craft.

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