Neighbors Helping Neighbors

We all do random acts of kindness; it’s what makes us human. Helping others and giving back…. it is good and I like to share these unselfish displays of generosity. Today I’m giving a shout out to Dante Faracone of Vista.  His neighbor Bill has a medical disability and had received a warning from his insurance company that they would drop him if the dry rot on his home was not repaired.

faracone before

Dante Faracone Construction made the necessary repairs and painted the whole house. Naomi at Sherwin Williams in San Marcos kindly donated the paint.

faracone after

Dante and his crew completed Bill’s home in one day. Bill was amazed and very grateful. Dante Faracone Construction is local and specializes in services for seniors.  If you have a project give Dante a call 760-644-1519

faracone bill

1 thought on “Neighbors Helping Neighbors

  1. What a great crew. Thanks for sharing and thanks for making Dante Faracone Construction known, that’s who I’ll select if I have the need.

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