Apothecary off Main


This new boutique in Vista has all the wonderful JR Watkins Natural products you are looking for. The owner, Traci Lawson, has done an amazing job with the interior décor and merchandise displays, conveying a sense of nostalgia and warmth.

apothecary store

Traci’s retail background experience from store sales to corporate visual merchandising, prepared her for the realization of her dream to have a boutique shop of her own.

apothecary spice

The JR Watkins  Natural line was an easy choice after falling in love with the products and helping the company open their flagship store in the    Irvine spectrum.

apothecary lemon2

And now we have her darling shop in downtown Vista located at 110 Michigan Ave. We are all looking for healthy, natural and luxurious products at a great price and you will find them at Apothecary off Main. Stop by and experience Traci’s hospitality and attentive customer service.

apothecary vanilla

Traci’s motto for her shop is

“treat everyone like family”

and she does.

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