Louis’s Porch


My friend Carol hired me to design their side porch for their son Louis to have a place for friends to come over and hang out. Let me share with you Louis’s amazing story.

Louis was born in Russia, two months prematurely with pneumonia. His young mother living in a house without electricity could not provide the essential care he needed.  Louis was hospitalized for two months before being transferred to an orphanage in Kirov. During this time my friends, Carol and Bill were looking to adopt and finding it difficult here in the states, began looking at options abroad and finally Russia. After a year of correspondence and paper work the adoption process was final.  They traveled to Moscow and then took a 14 hour train ride east to the town of Kirov where they finally met their new son now 2 years old.

Shortly after bringing him home Carol took this incredible photo of Louis and their dog Max. When she had the pictures developed was astonished to see …….this…..

Louie & max


One year after being new parents, Louis was diagnosed with Leukemia. He underwent treatment at Children’s hospital in San Diego. If not for his guardian angel and fated journey of Carol and Bill, it is very probable that Louis may not have survived.

Today Louis is healthy and thriving and will be entering high school as freshmen in the fall. Louis is an amazing soccer player and plays on a competition team. His future looks bright and we know he has an angel watching over him.

1 thought on “Louis’s Porch

  1. Nice story about Louis and his family. Beautiful heart attached to your craft, rare to find when one is seeking to hire someone. Great combination and rare…

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