Scottish Highland

June 22 & 23,  2013         9:00 – 5:00       Brengle Terrace Park ,                Vista CA

san diego scottish highland games

When celebrating in times of peace one of the Highlanders’ favorite pastimes was    the tainchel. For these “great hunts” very often several clans would combine. Chieftains    would send word to the clansmen that such an event was planned and when and where    they should assemble.

After a successful hunt a great feast and celebration would be held. Then the rival    clansmen would test each other’s prowess at various sports – running, jumping, wrestling,  or primitive forms of weight putting with stones, or divided into roughly equal sides  vying against each other in a very early form of camanachd or shinty. Lastly the    clansmen would vie with each other in piping and in dancing, the pipers taking it    in turns to demonstrate their skills and the clansmen to demonstrate their agility    and neatness of movement by dancing complicated steps to the pipe music. These relaxations   were in effect the forerunners of the modern Highland games.

Great family fun come out and see for yourself

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